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Average Age

Average Age

10 Ten is the year of the closest friendships — though not with the opposite sex. It is also the year when relationships with particular people or groups is strongest. The ten-year-old usually gets on well with parents but needs more time alone.

Personal talents begin to show.

20 In the United States twenty is the average age for the first marriage for women, although probably only a third marry at this age because they want to; the others marry because of social pressure. The human brain is at its finest at twenty. It is the age when people can vote in Denmark, Japan, Norway and Switzerland. And in Japan it is the minimum age for buying alcohol.

30 For optimists thirty is one of the happiest ages, for pessimists it marks the end of feeling young. At this age you need to take a little more care with
your body than when you were younger. Young people who enjoyed an all-night party at twenty will feel much worse the next day at thirty. In Britain it is the youngest you can become a bishop.

40 Forty is the year of the 'middle-aged', although nobody who is forty wants to admit the fact. Bob Hope said that you are middle-aged when your age starts to show around your middle. In fact, the body starts to get smaller at forty and continues to do so until you die.

50 Fifty is an age when old friendships get closer and relationships with colleagues and relatives warmer. According to old proverbs, fifty is the age when you should be rich. George Orwell said, "At fifty everyone has the face he deserves."
People need to wear glasses and some food loses its strong taste.

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