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Press in the United Kingdom
The daily circulation of papers in Britain is just over 14 million copies, which is about 3 papers for every 4 households. All British papers can be classified into two major groups: quality papers and popular papers. Traditionally, 'quality', serious-minded newspapers were referred to as 'Broadsheets' due to their large size. Popular papers were called 'tabloid' newspapers. However, due to considerations of convenience of reading, particularly in cafes and on trains, The Independent and The Times have both switched to a 'compact'-sized format, traditionally used by tabloids. The Guardian has switched to a Berliner format, a bit wider and taller than a compact. Sunday serious-minded newspapers keep the broadsheet format to maintain the same level of content.
A quality paper is a serious national that aims at the educated reader. Quality papers contain detailed news coverage and comment, authoritative editorials, a wide range of topical features written by experts in their fields, arts and literary reviews, and much professional advertising. The main quality papers are The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times. A popular paper is a newspaper whose content is designed for the undemanding reader. They have brief news reports and a large number of photographs. Emphasis is put on personal stories, especially when sensational or involving a celebrity. Importance is also given to sports and to entertaining features such as cartoons and contests.
Newspapers in Britain are mostly owned by individuals or by big publishing companies called 'the empires', not by the government or political parties. The editors of newspapers are usually allowed considerable freedom of expression. This is not to say that newspapers are without political bias. The political tendency of quality newspapers varies from conservative {The Daily Telegraph) or independent/conservative (The Times and The Financial Times) to centre (The Independent) and liberal (The Guardian). Popular papers like The Daily Express, The Daily Star and The Sun, for example, usually reflect conservative opinion in their comment and reporting, while The Daily Mirror has a more left-wing bias.
In addition to national daily newspapers there are nine national papers published on Sundays. Most 'Sundays' contain more reading matter than daily papers, and several of them include 'colour supplements' — separate colour magazines which contain photographically-illustrated feature articles. There is also quite a number of regional papers — usually evening papers or weeklies.
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